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Omw to Mo’s on the no.13

Acrylic, aersol, conté, oil pastel and filler on canvas
101.6 x 75.9cm


Acrylic and aerosol on board
59.4 x 84.1 


Acrylic, aerosol, oil stick and conte on canvas
66 x 40cm


Acrylic and oil on canvas
50 x 39cm (framed)

Andrew Kernan (b.1996) is a painter based in Meath who works with various materials and mediums composing an output of figurative and abstract work.

The work is representative of different moments and conversations which invoke a questioning on societal positioning. Debris of the populous and the dissemination of imagery in our digitised society is one which evokes these fragmented scenes of figuration. The work encapsulates a performative and gestural display depicted upon an array of found urban materials contrasted against refined aspects and framing.

Recent group exhibitions include the show at the NCAD Gallery, which was an international showcase between Dublin and Leipzig. He is also a recipient of the Thomas Damann 2020 award.