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Skin Vessel Study 1

Acrylic paint, thread
10cm x 7cm x 7cm (approximate)
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I named my body of work “The burden he bears”. I explore different methods of both symbolising burdens and the ways in which we carry them through life. I convey these thoughts by using forms of painting, photography and sculpture. Part of my work focuses on Colm, my 18-year-old brother. He suffers from depression and anxiety. The stark contrast between black and white in my painting of Colm symbolises his struggles with mental illness. As part of this process I interviewed Colm and his reactions to the painting were very revealing. They gave me an alternative interpretation of the painting. In other aspects of my work I explore methods in which to carry these burdens. I experiment by creating different types of vessels. One of the methods I use for this is wicker weaving and basket making. I enjoy the sustainable quality of willow as a material in a world where we constantly create waste. Another method of vessel making I have used, is a process of paint peeling. I use the paint peelings as a textile to make sack-like vessels. These vessels have a skin like texture, which gives the final pieces a visceral quality. It is the act of making that I enjoy most. There is a great freedom in focusing on process rather than the final outcome of a piece. I found through my exploration that some things were left unresolved, while others resolved themselves. We are all just players in this game of life.