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Playing Mams and Dads

Chalk pastel, Oil on canvas
100 x 120cm

Caroline’s research explores domestic living spaces, how they are inhabited, and the complex relationships that occur behind closed doors between the occupants and their furniture.

Caroline is interested in taste and home decor. Her work questions why we stop redecorating our homes and seek comfort in the fact that our furniture ages with us, becomes weaker and obtains a few bumps and scratches along the way too. Are we in a long-term relationship with an armchair we cannot bear to part with?

Household objects and materials are the centre focus, also mainly working with concrete, wood, and wire. Each concrete model has a variety of found objects from around her house, which she refers to as ‘Things you find in your random objects drawer’, that range from batteries to broken bathroom tiles. Caroline also works with resin, often trapping objects or paintings within it.

Caroline thinks of her paintings and concrete models in a domestic manor. The base is created and prepped, and then the surface is decorated. Her work is delicate; however, considers them construction pieces. The concept is to exhaust the painting. Explore all the possibilities painting can do, questioning how much is too much?

The objects are set in the concrete and trapped in the resin. Set in their ways, but trapped in their routines and behaviours.