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A Typological Problem

Oil & Acrylic on Plywood
80cm x 60cm 

My work explores light and experience in space. It challenges the viewer’s perception, shifting between representation and abstraction. Through model making, photography, paint and sculpture I investigate light within spaces broken down into a series of planes depicting surfaces that contain and alter it.

Modern architecture has altered the conventions of domestic life expanding the definition of ‘home’ by accommodating its occupants in unconventional spaces or non- traditional arrangements reflecting the activities and values of the occupants. Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois designed between 1945 and 1952 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for his client Dr Edith Farnsworth gave rise to intensely interpersonal conflict involving gender and sexuality The experience of being a single, professional woman played a critical role in Farnsworth’s decision to commission a custom designed weekend house. . Mies’ assumptions about his own greatness and disregard for his client’s wishes, freed him to pursue his vision of the weekend house as a work of pure architecture, a building devoid of a programme, virtually an abstract composition of steel glass and open space. The house became the focus of an intense debate, thrashed out in newspapers about American domesticity, sexuality and the politics of the modern house. Farnsworth is at the core of this body of work .

I began this work by making a model to scale of Farnsworth which I then used as a photographic resource as I developed the construct of the paintings. I chose plywood as a surfaces with a sculptural element also evoking the materials of Farnsworth. The work experiments with perspective , flattening space into two dimensions through the use of applied patterns , and disrupting the order and harmony of these spaces. I made sculptures to introduce a conceptual figurative element into the composition, and later hope to exhibit enlarged versions of these sculptures alongside the paintings expanding their relationship to the exhibition space. 

Nothing Ordinary

Oil & Acrylic on linen on board
72cm x 50cm

In the Field

Acrylic on Plywood 
80cm x 60cm

Call it Home

Acylic on Plywood
80cm x 60cm