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Mississippi John Hurt ....1991

7 inches by 11 inches

Bikers last Farewell

10 feet long by 22 inches high

Blind To the Real Problems

10 feet long by 22 inches high

Chris Penrose’s work comes from observing what goes on around him every day. Be it on the news during lock-down or on our streets before lock-downHis subjects range from racism in America. The craziness that is going on there at the moment to homelessness, drug abuse and addiction in Dublin. All of his pictures are representations of true events, either witnessed by him or stemming from reliable research Chris has mostly abandoned the paintbrush this last year in favour of Sharpie pens and Wallpaper. His drawings range from two feet wide to almost thirty feet.

His Instagram name is @chrispeeart. Pm for any more information.