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Tempus Fugit 

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The acid room

Through my work I attempt to question the stasis of space, both indoor and outdoor. How we interact with an enclosed space, folding in the sometimes overlooked structures within it by altering the perceptions of the senses of sight and listening. Utilising natural light and materialising it into the enclosed physical space via a series of interventions involving wire, light refractive material and loudspeakers emitting sounds from an outdoor location via live transmission. The work is intended to mirror one another in two locations, inverting them. Bringing the non-physical into a physical space is an attempt to reconcile both, to pull the viewers ear and eye away from the space they are currently in. By moving around the space, the audience interrupts the wavelengths of sound and light, drawing them towards a new direction as they internalise the natural light and sound from an external setting. The present moment poses a question to the perception of the space they are positioned in. Slowly changing over the day, the climax of the piece will coincide with the sunset (month and time dependent). The colours begin to change in the physical spaces bringing together a sense of resolution and reconciliation, denoting the end of another temporal structure.