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Reflecting on her rural upbringing, Gráinne Delaney’s work documents the culture of materiality and the lifestyle of Irish farming. Through photography and installation, this work explores the lifestyle of her father, a lifelong farmer, both in his work and in his domestic life. Through the exploration of material and found artefacts, Gráinne examines the contrast between the organised chaos of the farmyard and the solitary stillness and simplicity of the home of a traditional agricultural worker. This work is underpinned by the dedication to husbandry and the land that she sees not only at home but throughout rural Ireland. Through her work, she attempts to highlight the devotion most Irish farmers have to their livestock and their land, often in lieu of their personal lives - a devotion that is frequently overlooked and underappreciated in the Irish contemporary world.

Gráinne Delaney is a Dublin based artist who comes from a farming background in Co. Laois. Her research and predominantly photography based practice is fueled by her childhood and her personal experiences of rural and family life, and the relationship that exists between both. Through her work, she struggles to communicate the nuances of a rural world to a contemporary one and to find her place between the two.