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Inequalities Under the Winter Sun

Oil on canvas
85 x 110 cm

Transient Interactions

Oil on canvas
35 x 65 cm

Craved Necessities

Oil on canvas
75 x 100 cm

Holly Lyons has a great interest in the city and how it affects those who encounter it.These paintings explore the urban area and its components. The concept of the floating world has been an underlying source of research for these works. From this concept, there is a major focus on the crowds of people who interact with the city for survival purposes but also for pleasure and entertainment purposes. This need for individuals to release stresses and burdens of the every day, is expressed through the morphing of the figures into their surroundings. The vibrantly coloured backgrounds draw emphasis on the importance of the urban environment and how it absorbs and influences those who encounter it. However, this spectacle that is the city, often disguises the horrific social issues which are present and therefore forces us to ignore the horrors of the floating world that exist there. Lyons creates theatre-like stages, playing with ideas of utopia and dystopia in the city.