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“Picasso and Matisse have gone, and the business parks have taken their place.”

This collection of work by Jessica Gilligan aims to depict a subversive heterotopia while being informed by film, literature and events of political and social interest. Most literally, these paintings explore a range of concepts from our subconscious consumerism that leads to our inevitable corruption.

Each work within this series, encroaches on the axis of where public and private spaces coincide. The privileged ontological habits documented in cold artificial settings, strive to illuminate an insular network of corruption. The works aim to derail the illusion of bliss and utopia that is so often associated with wealth and instead replaced with unrest and disquiet. The works display the monotony of unbounded opportunities through a carefully selected colour palette primarily consisting of cool tones.

The influence of author J.G Ballard is evident throughout, having several paintings stem from his textual quotations. A swimming pool is a motif commonly used in her works, as swimming pools are typically representative of wealth and success, therefore priming the viewer for a particular narrative. Furthermore, through varying the shades and tones of the pool, a different narrative can be conveyed.

These paintings develop Gilligan’s sustained thematic engagement with concerns of corruption, subversion and apparition. Similarly, they strive to evoke conscious movements towards questioning our complacency as a society alongside our negligence to defy immorality.