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Mixed media on canvas
105 x 135cm

As a ‘sewer’ I am drawn to the parallels between painting and making clothes. A running stitch is a drawing on cloth, cutting shapes from fabric has the same immediacy, as making marks on canvas and simply dressing, layering fabrics, is a wearable collage. The skills to make with your hands such as painting and sewing I feel are entwined, a complimentary process.  Activities with your hands feed your haptic sense, ‘the active exploration of surfaces and objects’, and I am excited when your hands do new things you don’t have in your memory bank. My work is driven by the tactile, physical qualities of paint and fabrics through exploring materials in the practice of painting.

Before painting I take multiple photographs and draw using these mediums as a physical thinking process, a gathering of information for a painting. The work is constructed using different mediums that respond to the piece I’m working on, letting the feel of painting guide the process. It’s a puzzle, a conversation with myself that moves back and forward.


Ink and Acrylic on Canvas
160 cm x 160 cm

Up My Sleeves

Collage, Ink, Acrylic on Canvas
80 cm x 80 cm


The Devil's in the Detail

Collage, Ink, Acrylic, Spray Paint on Fabriano Paper
47 cm x 71 cm

40 Works on Fabriano Paper

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” Oscar Wilde

Linda McCann grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands and travelled before settling in Dublin. With a background in graphic design and teaching she returned to education as a mature student, at Stillorgan College of Further Education and the National College of Art and Design, to study painting.

086 820 1974
Instagram: Linda McCannArt/NCAD